Employment Application
We are required by federal law to hire only legal workers. If hired, you will be required to demonstrate satisfactorily that you meet the stipulations of the law. At the same time, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, or handicap. It is our intention that all applications be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions are based on job related factors.

Below is an online application for S2M Construction Co., Inc. Filling out the online application will send initial results to our office for immediate consideration. We also provide a complete application form that can be downloaded and filled out. To send it back to us, you can MAIL it to:

S2M Construction Co., Inc.

PO Box 1578 Glenwood Springs CO 81602

Our FAX number is 970-945-0800, or you can email it to our office at – lbrickell@s2mconstruction.com

(970) 945 1174

PO Box – 1578 Glenwood Springs, Colorado – 81602